Welcome to The Altered Critic

Welcome to the Altered Critic, where music reviews are only the beginning.   Here, the reviewer is also subject to review.  Whenever I do any critical writing, I will put myself under the microscope.  All my potential bias (mindset, setting, my history with the artist) will be identified.  My intent is not simply to offer musical opinions, but also show the critical lens.  Call it transparent criticism.  You’ll also see me go on a few music related tangents from time to time and write short articles outside of the typical review format.  You’ll get my reflections on how music has played a role in my personal history and how it continues to shape my daily existence.  This can be a place to discover new music and stumble across an old gem you missed the first time.  My hope is that in sharing my passion for music I can in turn ignite yours.  Whatever you play, play it loud.